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4 months ago

Macquarie Bank Feeds

It is my understanding that Macquarie bank feeds have failed now for the third time in the last 6 to 12 months. Current outage has been going for over 3 weeks and there seems to be no solution from Myob insight, just the usual email from them saying they are working on it (it took a whole week, after a ticket was put in, to be told that so pretty poor response time as well). Over the last year myob Macquarie bank feeds have been out of action for a total of around 8 weeks.


Does anyone know why myob having such horrendous problems with their bank feeds? As I understand it it's not impacting other providers just myob. We now have more than a few annoyed clients who are wanting to disengage from myob bank feeds on the basis that the service is not up to speed. Problem is you get no feedback from myob so I don't know if the problem is all Macquarie bank or just myob. 

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  • Hi ciemma,


    Thank you for your feedback.


    I sincerely apologize for the difficulties you've encountered with the Macquarie bank feeds and the delay in our response. I recognize the importance of these feeds for your business operations and deeply regret any inconvenience this may have caused. We acknowledge that our response time and communication have not met expectations, and we're grateful for your patience.


    As for the specific cause of the problem, it's a complex issue that involves both our systems and those of Macquarie Bank. Our team is collaborating with them once we have reported an incident regarding a delayed bank feed. I'm pleased to inform you that the issue with the Macquarie delayed bank feeds was resolved last Friday. Your patience and understanding during this time have been greatly appreciated.


    Please be assured that your valuable feedback regarding the bank feed issues will be shared with the appropriate team.


    Feel free to let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with.