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4 months ago

Online payment reference numbers are confusing

Hi there,
When I receive an online payment from a Customer I can't find anywhere in the reference number which customer it matches up to.

For example,
I invoice someone $250, and pass the surcharge onto them.
A few days later when they pay the invoice I get an email from MYOBwith the break down of their payment which includes the surcharge etc

Invoice number:IV00000002492
Payment date:07/02/2024, 07:30 (UTC+0000)
Surcharge GST:$1.01
Total amount paid:$257.76
Reference number:2b4cb439-2bda-4f83-8097-ad1bad96bcd5
Payment type:visa

I receive the online payment from them but the amount received in my account is $250.76, and the details show as below. Note there is no name on the bank details, just a reference number that doesn't match anything I can find in their records.

Description: Ref: ST-U6Y6G1F0H6F7 TRF CG1OHGVX ST-U6Y6G1F0H6F7 Their Account: ST-U6Y6G1F0H6F7 02-0536-0186536-01 Amount: $250.76

Statement details Particulars Code Reference  

On your statement6F7TRF CG1OHGVXST-U6Y6G1F0H 
On their statement---

Where in the bank statement details does it show this matches to the client who paid the original invoice? And why is there an additional $0.76 in what I receive?
I know this payment is automatically applied the the clients invoice, but I am also running a seperate spreadsheet to track the payments, and I'd like to be able to match the payments to that one.

If someone could explain why there's no obvious link that would be very helpful. This has been an ongoing source of headache for me since I started using the Online Payments method.

Thanks in advance

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  • I'd love to know an answer to this too -it's such a headache for reconciling I'm finding.  Not at all a plus for me to have this service.

    • FleurI1 wrote:

      I'd love to know an answer to this too -it's such a headache for reconciling I'm finding.  Not at all a plus for me to have this service.

      I'm glad it's not just me having this issue.
      Fingers crossed we find out the answer soon.

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        Hi foottraffic,


        Thanks for your post, and welcome to the Community Forum. I hope you find plenty of helpful information.


        My apologies for the late response. I understand your concern about matching the reference numbers on your bank statement with the original client invoice and the confusion about the additional $0.76. I appreciate your patience with this. The reference number you see on your bank statement is generated by the online payment system, and it may not directly match any client details or invoice numbers. This is a unique identifier for the transaction itself.


        As for the additional $0.76, it appears to be a surcharge that was passed onto the customer. MYOB's online payment system allows for a surcharge to be applied to the invoice, which the customer pays. This is likely the $6.75 surcharge you mentioned, and the $0.76 could be a part of this surcharge that was not initially calculated in the invoice total.


        If you want to match the payments to your separate spreadsheet, you might want to consider using the invoice number as a reference, as this should be included in the payment details you receive from MYOB. If your customer payments aren't automatically matching invoice payments in MYOB Business, you may need to turn auto-matching on. Go to Banking Bank Rules and select the option Automatically match bank transactions to MYOB bills and invoices.


        For a more detailed explanation of how reference numbers are generated or how surcharges are applied, you may want to refer to this help article, Online Invoice Payment, and learn more about how matching works.


        If you have any more questions or need further clarification, feel free to ask.


        Otherwise, if my response has answered your inquiry, please click "Accept as Solution" to help other users find this.



        Kind regards,