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2 months ago

Default category for bill or spend money



When creating a bill or spend money transaction, is there a way to change the default category? 
Mine is defaulting to equipment, when most of the time it should be materials. 

I enter the category up the top but it doesn't change each line item and if there is a file with multiple lines I'm spending a lot of time changing them all manually. 



Many thanks! 

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi Kelly_M


    Thanks for sharing the screenshot. MYOB comes with a default list of categories, which you can customize to suit your business—often with the help of an accounting advisor. From my understanding, once a category is assigned to a transaction, such as a purchase, the original category will continue to appear when applying a purchase credit made into that transaction into a new transaction. See this helpful article about Adding, Creating, and Deleting Categories for more information on how category codes work in your Spend Money window. Let me know if you have other queries!



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