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3 months ago

Documents in the In Tray



I have got documents sitting in my in-tray even after they have been attached to a bill.

This doesn't happen every time, just every so often.   


The only way to get them out of the in-tray is to delete them which is time consuming as I have to go and double check that they have actually been attached to a bill or invoice. 


Can you please help?


Thank you 

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    Hi Rocky8,


    Thanks for your post.


    We wanted to give you a heads up about what you're experiencing. It's actually a gradual update we're rolling out but not all users are experiencing it already, which will allow you to attach an In Tray document to multiple bills. We're constantly working on improvements to make your experience smoother and more efficient.


    This feature will streamline your workflow, saving you time and effort. We're excited about the possibilities it opens up for you!


    Feel free to post again anytime if you require further assistance. 
    If my response has answered your inquiry, please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users in finding this information.


    Best regards,


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      How is this an answer Doreen? I have had this same issue for over 12 months, you record a bill or spend transaction from the intray and some time later the same bill reappears in the in tray. This results in multiple transactions being recorded twice which takes time to rectify and you are calling this a feature! Typical MYOB response I suppose, don't know why I'm surprised...


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        Just one of the many issues with the lastest version for which there seems to be no solution.