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2 months ago

Annual and Personal Leave Entitlement on Payslips

I have tried multiple Way, but the Leave entitlement didn't show on payslips,

the annual leave and personal leave do not calculate and accurate automatically. 


the employee using annual leave part time hourly and Personal leave part time hourly. 

The option to show balance on payslips has been ticked.

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  • Hi Capio88,


    Thank you for your post.


    It seems like you're encountering issues with the annual leave and personal leave entitlements not displaying accurately on your pay slips, despite having the option to show the balance ticked. To troubleshoot this, you might want to check if the leave entitlements are set up correctly in your payroll system. Ensure that the entitlement accrual rates for both annual leave and personal leave are configured accurately, especially for part-time hourly employees. Double-check the calculation basis for each pay item. For more information, please refer to this Help article: Leave and entitlements.

    As for the leave entitlements not appearing on the pay slip, could you please try refreshing the settings by unticking the box and then ticking it again? If the issue persists despite these steps, could you kindly send us a screenshot? This will help me further investigate the matter and provide you with the appropriate assistance.

    Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance.


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