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8 months ago

Employee Self-Onboarding



I have a problem with employee self onboarding. The employee fill in the online forms and submitted. He got the message 'You're all set! You have submitted all the required information and have successfully completed your onboarding. You can now close this browser tab.'

But I didn't receive anything. How do I solve this problem? I tried resending the self onboarding invite and he didn't receive it. How do I retrieve the completed forms? 

Thank you.


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    Further explaination.

    The information he submitted did not populate the fields such as date of birth, address etc. I checked under payroll details and it did not show view PDF (Employee details submitted via self-onboarding). I did not receive any notification from MYOB that he submitted the form.


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      Hi Cecilia3,


      Thank you for your post and welcome to the MYOB Community Forum. I hope you find plenty of useful information.


      We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your employee self-onboarding process. We appreciate your patience with this. Regarding this, within an hour of the employee submitting their details you should have received an email notification that the employee has completed their self-onboarding, and the submitted details will be added to the employee's card. Since you have mentioned that you did not receive any confirmation or any notifications regarding the form that your employee had been submitted. May we ask, does the employee appear in the self-onboarding invites list as having the form completed? You may refer to this help article, employee self-onboarding that has all the detailed information and steps with this. 


      We will be waiting for your response.





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        Hi Shella,


        Under Self Onboarding Invites:

        You have no pending invites.