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2 months ago

Issue Paying super to Hesta?

Hi there,


I have a new employee who onboarded her Super details. She has chosen 'Hesta Super' but when I attempt to paysuper, it comes up with an error stating 'This fund can no longer receive contributions using Pay Superannuation. Please edit the fund from the Superannuation Fund List window and select a valid Fund name for it.'

I tried looking for a different Hesta name in the list but there wasn't one so I tried to create one but that didnt seem to work when I then tried to paysuper either.


I'm not sure what the issue is as its a well known fund....?


Thank you



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    Hi -Jill-


    I do appreciate the effort in looking for other Hesta super funds from the list. No worries, here's a Community Forum post that has detailed information and steps on how to correct the error. In addition, you can also check with the super fund to see if their details have changed. You can create a post again if you need further assistance.


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