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2 years ago

Payroll out of balance against bank transaction

Hi All


I am desperate for help, trying finalise Bas.


Completing bank transactions. Self taught so need someone to guide me how to fix error without delete payroll transaction. 


Bank Feed amount is 10c more than Payroll transaction amount submitted. Over paid to staff member.


How do I get 10c to finalise bank rec?


Thanks in advance for any easy help. 



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    Hi JaneneP 

    Thank you for your post. I would suggest following this Help Article on Fixing a payroll overpayment or underpayment. This has the information and steps needed in your case. If you need assistance with recording transactions or BAS, it is still best to talk to an accountant or BAS/Tax agent. 



    Please feel free to post again. I'm happy to assist further.


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