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3 months ago

Pre-fill incorrect at W1 when salary sacrifice to super?

Good afternoon,   I am finalising BAS and the pre-fill at W1 includes an amount that has been salary sacrificed in full to the employee's superannuation. When attempting to override W1, an ATO pop-...
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    3 months ago

    Hi Earl,


    Thanks for your assistance. Yes, it was my understanding that the amount at W1 should not include the amount that was salary sacrificed to super, hence my initial question.


    Just to update and in case anyone else experiences this issue, I have now spoken with the ATO, who confirmed the amount (pre-filled through STP) at W1 should be $0.00 (the post-salary sacrificed to super amount). The ATO have advised me to override the incorrect amount reported at W1 when submitting BAS.


    Here is the relevant ATO information


    Kind regards,