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2 years ago

Showing annual leave balance as negative for new employees

Hi, System is showing all payment of wages against annual leave payments by default and as a result Annual Leave Balance for new employees coming negative at the very start. Please guide, what may b...
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    2 years ago

    Hi rksharma2708 


    Thanks for your post. When creating a payrun the default hours are prefilled based on what has been entered in Payroll>>Employees>>Open the employee card>>Payroll details>>Standard pay. 


    From what you've described it sounds like the standard hours have been entered against the annual leave wage item in the Standard pay window. If this is the case, remove the hours from the annual leave wage item and enter against the base hourly wage item, click Save.


    You will need to process an adjustment pay to move the hours from the annual leave wage item to the base hourly pay item. Zero out all amounts and hours, enter the total hours as a positive against the base hourly pay item and a negative against the annual leave item. The net pay should be $0.00.


    If you have any further trouble with this please provide screenshots so that I can assist further. Make sure sensitive information is removed from screenshots prior to posting on the Forum.


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