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12 months ago

STP Finalisation


I have finalised PAYG SUmmaries, and realised I didn't add Reportabel FBT to 2 employees.  I have deleted and re-set their PAYG Summaries, but now it will not accept the updates and the "Finalise and notify the ATO.   The error message is...

Something went wrong. Please try again or refresh the browser.


Have tried over numerous days and always the same message



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  • Hi BGPCman61 


    Thank you for your post. 


    First, I would recommend to clear cache, log out and log back in.


    If you've finalised your PAYG Summaries, and realized that you didn't add the FBT for 2 employees. Did you unfinalised the employees before making changes? If yes, this should let you re- finalise the employees. 


    I'll provide you this Help Article, Changing a pay after finalising Single Touch Payroll, that has detailed information to assist with this.



    Are we able to solved your concern? If YES, please click on "Accept as Solution". If NO, please feel free to reply on this post and we are more than happy to assist.




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    Hi BGPCman61,


    Do you still need assistance with this? Please let us know and we are always here to assist you.


    Please let me know if you need further help.


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