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2 years ago

Cannot delete a bill payment

I'm trying to delete a Bill payment in Purchases and there is no hyperlink in the 'activity history' at the bottom of the bill to enable me to select the payment to delete.

  • Hi Hopcarp 


    Here is a screenshot of a sample bill in my test file, the highlighted number '143' is the payment reference number, which can be clicked on to open the payment window for deletion:



    Your original screenshot is bit blurry so I can't make out the exact number showing there but it does appear to be a single digit reference number listed there, could you please check it again? Or if you could please provide a clear screenshot we'll be able to see it better.

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    Hi Hopcarp 


    It looks like that payment was a matched bank transaction. Please go to Banking > Bank Transactions, filter the list to 'Allocated' and search for the amount, unmatch the bank transaction to the bill will set the bill to be unpaid again.


    If you have any further questions please feel free to let us know.

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      Hi Clover,

      There is no transactions in 'Banking' to unmatch. Could it be a 'Bank' set up issue, I have only had the MYOB account a few days.

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        Hi Hopcarp 


        Thank you for the update. 


        I'm looking at your original screenshot again, it is bit blurry but it looks like in the Activity History list, there is a number with underline between the 'Payment recorded' green text and the 'Payment received $xxxx' amount section, you shall be able to click on that to open the payment transaction window, then delete it.