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30 days ago

Changing the logo on templates

I need to change the logo on sales templates but the change will not save. It maintains the old logo. If I create a new template then no logo appears. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

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    I have tested this at my end, and the logo is not updating.  This is a software bug. Hopefully, MYOB fix this soon for you.

  • Hi,


    It may be a software glitch. You can try to clearing your cache or updating the software. If the problem persists, contact customer support for the specific software you’re using.


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      Hi ALL,

      Thanks for your post. We understand how important this issue is for you and appreciate your patience. To avoid some software discrepancies, please try clearing your cache or updating the software. If you’re still experiencing issues, why not try our virtual assistant, MOCA? It’s designed to dive deeper into issues like this. Give it a go!

      Feel free to engage with MOCA through for any queries or assistance you might need. Don't worry if MOCA can't provide the help you need; our live chat team is just around the corner to pick up from where MOCA left off.


      Feel free to start a new post if you have further queries and one of us will be happy to assist you.


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        I'm having this problem and have to send a sales invoice without my logo as it's not saving. I've cleared my cache a couple of times. Not sure how to update the software.

  • Same issue.  Frustrating.  Moca just responds with I'm new to this and still learning.  In other words no answer!

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      I opened a ticket with MYOB support 2 days ago and so far have heard nothing