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2 years ago

Closed invoice


i have a unpaid invioce that has marked itself as close, i think because it is the same amount as another paid invoice.

how do i re open it?





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  • Hi CRT1 


    If an invoice is closed there would be a payment transaction applied to that invoice to close it. As such, if you need to reopen that invoice then you would be looking at deleting that customer payment which would make that invoice open again - Help Article: Customer payment would be able to assist with that process.

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      I am having the same issue. However, when I deleted the "Closed" Invoice and re-generate another one, it appeared as "Closed" again a couple days later. I tried to ring MYOB Help team at 11.00am today, being transferred 3 times and waiting one the phone line for 3hrs and 20mins, after that, the phone line is disconnected. It wasted me 3 hours time and have not received any call back. The customer service really need to improve

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        Hi jjin0873 


        As mentioned, generally to close an invoice there would be a payment transaction listed in the history of that invoice. So we can investigate further we would need to get a screenshot of the invoice transaction and one showing the history of that invoice.


        Please note: I have assumed you are not recording 0.00 invoices as that would also close the invoice but without a payment transaction.