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2 years ago

invoice balance inquiry



Thank you for watching the post.


I need the help as i am just starting to use MYOB.




I have sent several invoices and have also linked to our business bank acc.


some invoice shows it has been matched and show $0 balance as it automatically matched with bank account,


but some money we got paid did not automatically match, is there some requirement?


Also, money that i already got paid, how do i make it to "closed" as it is still open and becoming an overdue invoice yet we already got paid for it?

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    Hi waterwide 


    Thank you for your post, I hope you find this Community Forum an useful resource.


    With bank feeds set up, you can go to Banking > Bank Transaction to match the bank transaction to open invoices which will close off the invoices. You can also record invoice payments first via Sales > create invoice payment, then match the recorded payment to the bank transaction. I'd suggest going through this Help page for more details with Matching bank transactions.


    If you also have online invoice payment set up, when your customers make the payment it can automatically record the payment within MYOB Businesss, and close off the associated invoice. This payment can then be matched to bank transactions. Please find more details on this Help page - Online invoice payments.


    If you have any questions please feel free to post again at any time.