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2 years ago

Invoice number not a critical field??

How is it possible that MYOB allows duplicate invoice numbers?   The most critical piece of data in an invoicing system is the invoice number, all else revolves around that.   Yet today I have tw...
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    2 years ago

    Hi ElanaK


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    Invoice numbers are designed to default to the first number available in the 8-character sequence, but sometimes when old invoices are deleted, it will try to use that number and affects the sequence.

    There is no option to give a warning when the number has been used before, but there is a workaround to get the software to 'remember' a new sequence with a higher number to avoid duplication.

    To do this you would manually change the invoice number to a higher number. After doing this manually for a few invoices, the software will remember the new sequence and automatically use it for future invoices and hopefully avoid using invoice numbers already used.


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