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9 months ago

invoice viewed

Ive have been deleting the pdf attached invoice when emailing invoices so that customers are forced to view on line and download the invoice. This way I was assurded that the custome did infact, reci...
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    9 months ago

    Hi pippypip,


    Thank you for your post. I understand your concern regarding the change in the invoice delivery process. I appreciate your feedback and your suggestion for a read receipt feature. I will certainly forward your suggestion for a read receipt feature to our development team for consideration.


    Regarding the activity history, I've further checked and replicated this on our end, and it seems to be working fine. In this case, I would recommend clearing the browser cache, as this helps your computer or device run optimally, and doing so can help fix certain problems, like formatting or loading issues. Signing out and signing back in again can also help with loading issues. Please see the attached images below regarding the activity history updates.




    If the issue persists after clearing the browse cache, please let me know so I can further investigate.