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9 months ago

MYOB Business Pro Sale and Purchase Import

Hi There    Can someone please advise if MYOB business Pro Supports importing of Sales ,Purchases and General ledger data from point of Sale ( BEPOZ software ) in .CSV format or not ?   Regards, ...
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    9 months ago

    Hi amanpreetk


    Thanks for posting your concern in the Community Forum.


    I understand that it's important to be able to import sales transactions in your use case of the application. Unfortunately, MYOB Business does not have a feature to import sales. We will raise this with the development team. Hopefully, this feature will be one of the features that the team will work on. In the meantime, I would suggest checking on the MYOB App Marketplace if there are any third-party apps that could bridge this gap. 


    Let us know if you still require any further assistance with this.