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4 years ago

Processing Supplier Return on Closed Bill

I purchased something from a supplier, but had to return it because it was not correct.


The Bill I created for the purchase is closed, and so I am trying to work out how to process the return.


I followed these instructions:


which in effect says to create a new bill on the same supplier with negative amounts, but when I go to save it, I get these errors:


An unrecognised error occurred - PurchaseEvent_NotMatchLiabilityAccountForTrackingPayables An unrecognised error occurred - PurchaseEvent_NotLiabilityAccountWarning An unrecognised error occurred - CommonRules_DecimalMinValue


So, not sure what's going wrong.  Anyone able to help out?




  • Hi maustin 


    Thanks for the screenshot.


    The reason your Supplier return does not show up in Supplier returns is because the bill is closed, which means that Balance due is $0. This means that the balance has already been applied to another transaction.


    To find out where this has gone, go into that bill and select Activity history. Here you can see the linked transactions and possible linked bank accounts (click into the transaction number to find more information).

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    Hi maustin 


    Thanks for your post. 


    Have you tried using a negative number of units and a positive unit price amount to create the negative line?


    Let me know if this worked for you. If this doesn't work, could you please sent me a screenshot of the bill and the error message you are seeing?

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      Hi Yanike,

      That helped get around my errors, so I now have a negative dollar Bill in the system.

      But I can't seem to get that to match up to the corresponding deposit into my bank account when I try and match the deposit to the negative dollar purchase.  I'm not sure if MYOB recognises a negative dollar Bill as being the same as a deposit into my account

      Do you know how I can fix this error?



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        Hi Mark,


        It sounds like you have created the supplier return (a negative $ purchase). You would now have to process this and mark the return as a refund from the supplier: Processing supplier returns. 


        When I follow these steps, I end up with a Withdrawal and a Deposit in my Reconcile Accounts:


        Now you should be able to match the deposit to the deposit in your bank account.