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2 years ago

Purchaser Order Setup and Sending

Hi, I am now using the Purchase Order function.  Things I have noticed that would be great to have rectified.

1)  Create Purchase Order screen allows for Quantities but once saved this field disappears.  Makes it difficult for the supplier with no quantity indicated, any only the pricing to work out how many to include.

2)  Once emailed, the history activity only shows "emailed".  No date or ever who it was emailed to.

3)  Contact may have CCs, but when emailing only sends to the main email address, not the ccs.

If these could be looked at and perhaps included as updates, that would be awesome and make using the Purchase Order function easier to use and more informative.




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    Hi I have the same issue.


    Hopefully there is a response.

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    Hi jlyall 


    Thank you for your post. You can create a purchase order for goods or services you need from a supplier. Your purchase order will detail what you require, the prices, and any applicable shipping address. You can then send the purchase order to the supplier to prepare your order. We're sorry if some of the functions disappeared while you're creating a Purchase Order as well as sending it to your customers/supplier. 


    To guide you completely on the process, you may have a look at this Help Article: Purchase Orders that has all the detailed information and steps to assist you with this.


    If you need further help, don't hesitate to start a new post and we'll be happy to assist.



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