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8 months ago

Remove fund this invoice with BUTN option permanently

We need a permanent solution to this nag -  appears routinely and I DON'T WANT TO SEE IT.


I have no wish to be offered this "service"


Browser solutions don't work - we need a permanent solution




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    Im sure its illegal to offer credit without being asked, and when you press dont show again, it comes up again.

    Its illegal im certain, maybe we just have to contact the Financial Services Ombudsman.
    Whats even worse, the subscription price is going up, and they are obviously getting paid for marketing from BUTN or whatever their name is

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    Why is this not being dealt with.


    Instead the nag about your financing offer is now more insistent.



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    Theres been no response from MYOB in regardes to this issue. I think that says it all. Im sure that they get kick backs from BUTN so its not in their intrest to remove it. Its about money, not the customer. 

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      Ive lodged it with AFCA since i have nothing better to do.
      MYOB are a financial company now and as such they have to operate under the same FSG that banks and insurers do.
      I think ive clicked DO NOT ASK AGAIN 500 times over the years, its on every invoice

  • Hi ElanaK pippypip SonnyS ,


    Thank you all for raising your concern and sincere apologies for the delayed response.


    We value  all your feedback and our team has been made aware of this inconvenient pop-ups . Kindly allow us sometime and we are actively working to resolve through enhancement.We will continue to monitor this space and keep everyone posted.



    Priya Selvaraj

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      Its February 2024 and I am again being nagged every invoice to set up early invoice payments with Butn. I have no interest in your finance facility and do not want to receive any invitations. These stupid reminders do not even offer a do not show option. I want them gone NOW. As read above i dont believe you should be allowed to harass your customers with repeated Credit invitations. Turn it off NOW. I dont want to enquire with the ACCC.

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        Effing ridiculous

        Pay for a subscription and receive unsolicited advertising.

        Turn this cr@p off now 

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      good afternoon,


      your pop up ads have started again.

      please make this a priority to get fixed as soon as possible.