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2 months ago

Negative inventory on hand

I have inventory items showing negative on hand:

Please advise how this can be fixed...



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  • Hi Warrent,


    Thank you for your post.


    It seems that you're experiencing issues with negative inventory items on hand. If your file is online, I can apply some of our fix scripts to help you resolve the issue. Would you please send me a private message with the following details:

    • Serial number
    • Full name and email address
    • Company file ID number (this can be found at Help >> About MYOB AccountRight)

    I look forward to helping you further.




  • Hi Warrent,


    Thanks for sending me a private message.


    I'm glad we could verify your account with the details you provided—thank you for that! Since your file is offline, you'll need to make an inventory adjustment by putting all items into positive via inventory adjustments. For more information, please refer to this Help article: Making inventory adjustments. If you're still facing issues, just let me know, and I'll dig deeper to sort things out for you.




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      I've tried doing a positive stock adjustment but get an error message:


      "The value of your inventory may not be less than zero (Item Number...).


      The negative stock figure for the item is: -1.33226762955019E-15 the adjustment only goes to 5 decimal places - 1.332267.

      Stock current value is zero.

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        MYOB Moderator

        Hi Warrent,

        Thanks for your post. The error message "The value of your inventory may not be less than zero" is often linked to inventory-related issues, particularly with building or adjusting inventory items. Here are steps to help resolve this problem:

        1. Check Inventory Levels: Ensure that the items you're working with have an adequate quantity on hand to support the operation you're attempting.
        2. Building Items: If you're building an item, consult our helpful article on Building Items for detailed guidance on the correct procedure within MYOB.
        3. Adjusting Inventory: When adjusting inventory items, avoid creating a situation where the adjustment would result in a negative inventory value. MYOB doesn't permit inventory values to drop below zero.

        If you're still encountering difficulties, consider trying our virtual assistant, MOCA. It's designed to tackle complex issues like this. You can access MOCA through for further assistance. And if MOCA isn't able to fully address your needs, our live chat team is available to provide personalized support.

        If my response has answered your enquiry please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information.