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2 years ago


We have been unable to access our Datafile for 2 days now.  It keeps saying it cannot connect and its an internet issue.  


Our IT has been looking into this with myob directly and 2 days later we have been told by MYOB that they are aware of the issue yet its taken 2 days to tell us that.


Unfortunately I am not confident that this is the case.  We cannot work and I feel like we are being held to ransom.  Some of the advice I have been given has left me feeling frustrated and not sure they know what they are talking about.  I need to get this datafile off-line and wish that I have done more backups at our own end but trusted myob to house or datafile and know what they are doing.  Sooooo annoying.  


Has anyone else not been able to access their datafile and aware of this issue or is it just me ?????


Thanks in advance.

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    So this issue seems to be just our Datafile as no one else seems to be having any issues.  Also no response from the Moderator ........



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      Hi Angiesh01 

      While MYOB does moderate this Community Forum it is a Community Driven forum. This does mean that at times a post may be left up to the Community and will not receive an MYOB response. However, we do try to offer assistance where we can.

      In relation to your AccountRight company file, to my knowledge, there haven't been any widespread reports of what you are describing with the latest version of the software. So I would recommend ensuring that you are using the latest version

      In saying that, we have made some changes to an older version at our end that may allow you access to that file without that message appearing.

      Should you still be encountering that situation and be on the latest version, I would recommend reviewing Help Article: Error: Connection error

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        We are on-line and it is the latest version so I am a little confused by the response to be honest.


        Also why would MYOB Support tell us it is a widespread issue that they are trying to fix.  This is my point.  Again being given incorrect information.


        Suddenly this morning we have access.  No explanation of why, what happened so if it happens again we have at least know what the issue was.


        Again this is what is so frustrating.  I understand that issues occur but to fob us off with inacurate information, wasting hours or our IT's time, our time and still none of us are the wiser.  How do we learn from this ...


        Would love to know what the actual issue was so that if it happens again we dont waste time checking the internet, getting our IT involved!