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2 years ago

Desktop Payroll - Cannot Create Employee File



Have tried today to save the IRD Employee file and have received the message "Cannot Create Employee File"

Any ideas why this would be happening.

I had issues last week after a microsoft update and not being able to email payslips, have managed a workaround to get that working but this week encounted a problem when finalising the pay.

I have filed the IRD info manually, but would like not to have to do that every week !!

I am currently signing in as Administrator




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    Hi DSD


    Thanks for posting.


    For us to investigate on the issue please send me a private message containing your 

    • Serial number 
    • Full name and email address
    • Company name
    • Screenshot of the error message

    If you have any other questions feel free to reply to this thread.




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      I haven't heard back since I messaged you....can you please advise how I can fix this problem!!!




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        Hi DSD 

        have you tried removing the employee phone number (if you had one in there.) I have seen problems with this in the past. I would think it would be a new employee or terminating employee where the IRD is advised new employee information, and then a leaving date.