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2 months ago

Discrepancy between STP reporting & EOFY Finalisation

Recently, I made a mistake. On half way of "process payroll" for 3 employees, I noted that only 2 of the 3 employees were included in the run, so I aborted the run. Unfortunately, the incorrect pay run has been uploaded to MYOB's online "STP Reports" although the incorrect pay run was not sent to the ATO yet.

Then I checked the figures insides "EOFY Finalisation" for the 2 employees involved in the aborted pay run. This employee's "Gross YTD", "PAYG Withholding YTD" and "Superannuation Guarantee" all increased. The differences in figures were exactly the same as the figures in the aborted pay run.

I already deleted the aborted pay run from Transaction Journal" insides MYOB Payroll. 

My concern is that the figures insides "EOFY Finalisation" were incorrect and needs to be corrected prior to Finalisation at the year end. Could you please kindly advise me on how to fix it step by step?
Attached is the relevant screen shots for your reference.
Many thanks


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    Hi farawayinsydney


    It seems there was a hiccup during your payroll process, but no worries—we can sort this out! Since you've already deleted the aborted pay run from the Transaction Journal, the next steps depend on whether the figures in the payroll register are correct or not. If they're accurate, double-check the payroll activity and YTD verification report to ensure everything aligns. If there are discrepancies, you can initiate to send an update event to sync the correct figures from the payroll reports. You can also check the link here for more information. If you require more assistance, feel free to create a post again.


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