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2 months ago

How to change an hourly rate


Can someone help me with changing an hourly rate.

I can change them every fortnight for several employees and the next day

it reverts back to the old rate.

I have had several suggestions and sent screen shots to the MYOB helpdesk 

but nothing has worked.  We are receiving a payrise in July and I would really

like these hourly rates to STAY CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi bunyippreschool,


    Thank you for your post, and welcome to the community forum.


    I can see that you would like to know how to change an employee's hourly rate, as it keeps reverting back when you are doing it. Please check out this helpful article, as it will show you the details and steps for doing it on your end. That link contains steps for changing it via Accountright or MYOB Business, which is in the browser.


    Feel free to write a post if you need further assistance.




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      thank you for your help and advice but this is what I do every fortnight to change several employees pay rates so that I can complete their payroll.  Unfortunately the hourly rate DOES NOT STAY CHANGED. I can go back in the next morning and the rate has reverted back to the OLD RATE.