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6 months ago

AccountRight Application Error Report



While entering sales data, I am frequently receiveing an error about something's gone wrong and accountright needs to close. This is not a one-offs anymore. 


I am hoping someone can direct me to the right direction to fix this issue, probably by looking at the errorlog.


Look forward to hearing from you soon




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    Hi Thierry888


    Thanks for posting this in the forum. 


    I'm sorry to hear about your app continually crashing. Based on the error log, it seems that the issue stems from the available data storage in temp files. I recommend clearing the temp files window of your computer. This could be done by following these steps.

    • Open the Run dialogue box.
    • Type "%temp%" and click okay. (this will open the temp folder)
    • Press Ctrl + A to select all files.
    • Press the delete button and confirm to delete all files. 

    After following these steps, you can try recording sales data again. 


    Let us know if you require further assistance.




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      Hi Genreve


      Thanks for assisting. I follow your steps but still it does not fix this issue. Still need to restart the app.

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        Hi Genreve_S 


        Further to below, I received this prompt window - attached , once i click ok, I have to restart the software