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2 years ago

aged receivable detail report

how or can I?  add the shipping address from an Invoice to the aged receivable detail report? I can't see how I can accomplish this
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    2 years ago

    Hi Niners 


    You would be able to get the Address 2 field (the Ship to address) from the customer's card onto the Aged Receivables [Detial] report using the following method:


    1. Navigate to Reports>>Sales>>Receivables
    2. Select to run the Aged Receivables [Detial] report
    3. From the Report toolbar, select the Insert/Modify tab
    4. Within the Report Columns section, select the Show Hide option
    5. Choose the Address 2 field before selecting that to show on that report

    Please note: The above process will add the Address 2/Ship to address from the customer's card. If this was changed when recording the invoice this will not be shown on that report. Should this be the case, a report like the Sales [Customer detail] report would need to be run.