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3 years ago

comments auto populating to next invoice

Hi Team, Has there been any new updates which enable us to disable the autopopulate of comments over to the next invoice? Its very frustrating as we use comments all the time which are individualise...
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    3 years ago

    Hi LP1 


    Just thought I would jump in on this one.

    While not a solution, a good workaround that I have seen some users do use and something that I have recommended in the past, is to have a full stop in the Sales Comment on the Customer's card. What this does is forces the comment on each transaction to be a full stop, overwriting the previously stored comment from the last invoice (when the customer is selected). So if you wanted to have a comment, not related to the previous invoice, you can type it in. And more importantly, if there is no comment (or the user misses updating that comment) you just have a full stop in that field, rather than the previous comment.