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2 years ago

Customise auto generated email address used for the in-tray function

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    This would be great. So much easier than a random string of characters.

  • Hi Everyone

    The recommendation with the In Tray email address is to have that as the automatically generated email address.


    If you do wish to have an email address that you give out to suppliers directly so they can email those documents directly to you i.e. set up auto-forwarding within your email application. An IT person should be able to set that up for you.


    The reasons why we would recommend this method are:

    • You retain a copy of the email from the supplier
    • You have that document added to your company file In Tray
    • You can update the email address for your In Tray without having to re-inform each and every supplier of the new one (you just need to update the email address that the email forward goes to)