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3 years ago

Customise Invoice form with hours column and total hours

Hi, I am customising a professional invoice and am seeking how i can add a column for "hours" with a total-hours at end of column. Now because "hours" does not exist as a column option I have used "j...
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    3 years ago

    Hi Royc1 


    Sorry to see that no-one has offered assistance with your query. This is a Community driven Forum so while MYOB does offer assistance and moderate this space there are times when you may not receive an MYOB reply.


    In saying that, the sale layout used for invoices would determine the customise form that is used. For example, if the professional customise form is used then you would need to use a professional customise form to print/email that invoice out. The Professional layout will not have a hours/quantity column you would not be able to have a total hours value.


    This is a similar thing with the Item layout, as that doesn't have a date column you would not be able to showcase that date. In saying that you could get around this, by adding the date onto the invoice inside a header line (Edit>>Insert Header Line). This would allow you to enter a description without needing to select an account/item. For example:


    Alternatively, you could look at using a Time Billing layout*. This would allow you to have a date as well as a quantity/hours to which can have a total on the invoice.


    *Note: A Time Billing layout would be a feature of AccountRight Plus and Premier.