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2 years ago

eInvoice registration



We want to register for eInvoices through our expense management system provider to be able to receive eInvoices from suppliers.  After we process invoices in this system we sync them accross to MYOB.  Their provider is Ozedi.  But we also want to register with MYOB to be able to send out eInvoices to our clients.


On your website it says we can only be registered for eInvoices with one provider, but our expense management system provider says differently.  Can anyone please explain how this works? and the steps I need to take to register?


I hope to find some help as waiting time is over 30min on the phone.



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  • Hi WGA-Accounts 


    Thanks for your post. If you want to send eInvoices from MYOB you will need to cancel your existing eInvoicing agreement with your current provider and register again through MYOB. The Help Article, eInvoicing, has detailed information and instructions to register.


    Please let me know if you need further help.


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