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3 years ago

Error -25: Invalid amount Spend Money

Hi    I hope you are able to assist me.  I am in the process of setting up a template for my team so they can import spend money transactions into MYOB.   I keep getting error messages.  Used to ...
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    2 years ago

    Hi BRigden and HelenBell 


    Thanks for providing the additional context, I have been able to reproduce the error, and I think my advice will work for both of you.


    When I go to the import/export assistant, I was seeing the fields mentioned in the article I sent earlier, not what fields - Helen- you sent through on your screenshot, but when I test it with the import file - Bryony- you sent I can see why you are both not getting all of the available fields.


    So if you have a look at the file test Spend money - 13.09.22.txt, and compare that with the example from the sample file below: 



    You can see that there is a " {} " missing in the first line. 


    If that code is not in the first line of the import file, then the software thinks it is an import file from an earlier version that didn't have the full list of fields, so it doesn't give the option for some of the available fields.


    If you go ahead and add that line to both your import files, then try again, I am confident it will give you the full set of available fields.


    Please give that a go and let me know how you both get on.

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