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4 months ago

Error 28, "Item is not sold" when importing item sale from CSV

AccountRight Premier v19.16 (


I'm a retired VB developer who's been asked to automate invoice creation in MYOB, from a bunch of Excel sheets.


In Excel VBA, I've extracted the data from the source files and have created separate CSV files for users to import into MYOB, one for each sale. I did it that way because MYOB will not give us an ODBC read-write key (thanks to our MYOB version no longer being supported), and I have no expertise with the REST API. This is just the way it has to be.


All inventory items exist in MYOB and although they are marked as being sold, they are not inventoried, consequently their quantity on hand is zero. The CSV does include a quantity sold.


When I import the CSV, I get the "Item is not sold", error 28. I've opened the CSVs in Excel and have verified that the Item No is correct and where it should be. Nothing is obviously out of place. The CSV contains no extra eous rows. What should I look for?


By the way, normally I would attach an example of the CSV so you can check my work, but we recently got live hacked, so all my computers are offline and I can't (don't dare) connect one to another to grab a file. I bought a new tablet so I could at least lodge this question.


I've done a lot of research on this, but none of it has been successful. I'm running out of time on this one. I hope you can help. Thanks in advance.



  • Hi GRSeach 


    Your opening comment indicated you were using v19.16 - please confirm, as this error is more common with AR2024.


    Also rather than providing snippets of info, attach the import file and the importlog file which shows what transaction caused the error. Importing is a complex process, and the slightest thing can cause an error.


    Suggest you also go through the tax codes and ensure every tax code that you use have a linked account for tax paid and tax collected.




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    Hi GRSeach , I've attached sample export files from an AR2024 file, because even the order of fields can generate that error message.


    Personally I prefer the tab-delimited format. Commas in addresses can mess up the import.

    If working in Excel, amounts should be formatted as numeric, no dollar sign or commas, which Excel messes up when saving as txt.

    Fields you don't need can be excluded.

    You can import multiple sales in one file as long as there is a blank line between each transaction. 

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      Hi Mike_James , thanks for replying. I appreciate it.


      I had already removed commas and apostrophes while extracting the source data, so comma-separated is fine.


      I stripped out most unused columns. Here's what's left. I got the same error.


      CoLastName, FirstName, AddressLine1, AddressLine2, AddressLine3, AddressLine4, Inclusive, Invoice number, Sale date, CustomersNumber, ShipVia, DeliverySta tus, Item number, Quantity, Tax code, SaleStatus

      RH US LLC, , , , , , X, 1/09/2024, 4522971, , B, PIANOX_62GR, 2, EXP, O




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        Hi GRSeach , the headers and data go out of alignment at Inclusive. Add another comma after the X and it should be OK. Also watch out for leading or trailing spaces, eg remove the space before 1/9/2024.