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31 days ago

GST on purchase invoice

Hi, we are an NGO, we are not GST registered, however when we receive invoices from suppliers, they charge GST as they are GST registered, we are entering this as GST Inclusive with the corresponding GST codes, is this correct?? Now that we've done that, we have the GST Paid reflected in the balance sheet, and we do not want it reflected there, what do we do to get this removed or are we doing something wrong??


Appreciate your help

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    Hi @MattC3


    Thanks for posting. I see you're an NGO and not GST-registered. Therefore, you're receiving invoices with GST from your suppliers. It seems like you're doing it right by entering these as GST-inclusive. However, about the GST paid reflecting on your balance sheet, you could try asking active members here in the forum or best to consult with your accountant or bookkeeper to ensure you're handling this correctly. They can provide detailed instructions or alternative solutions based on your specific situation. Feel free to post again anytime you require further help.