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7 months ago

Having Trouble recording a bill once it has been converted from an order

Hi I am using AccountRight Live and when I convert an order to a bill and then try to record it, Myob times out and tells me to try again. I have tried multiple times and keep getting the same messag...
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    7 months ago

    Hi Celia,


    Thanks for your reply. 

    I actually used a solution that another User posted a few years ago, when the items currently have zero stock.

    This worked for me as well.

    As the 3 items concerned had zero stock the solution was to add 1 item to each at a nominal value via a stock adjustment.

    Then I was able to record the orders as bills without any problem. I then deleted the stock adjustment from the system.

    Can you please advise why AccountRight has this isssue and why it has not been rectified since that post several years ago.

    Also how can I stop this from happening again?