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2 years ago

How to enter cash receipts not in bank account?



We have a fair amount of receipts which need to be entered into MYOB. However, a lot of these were paid cash, which obviously does not show on our cheque account.


What is the best way to enter these? Create a bank account i.e. cash receipts? But it wouldn't have money coming into the account which will mean it's always in debit.


A lot of the transactions have been made by our director, employees and so forth. They have been reimbursed with cash.


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    Hi Daniella 


    Thank you for your post. You can create an account for your transactions recorded as Cash. This Help Article, Enter cash sales, provides the detailed steps to record a cash transaction as a sale. Here's another article about recording Petty Cash that can give you additional information as well. I would still recommend speaking to an accountant about recording these types of transactions. 

    Please feel free to post again. I'm happy to assist further.


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