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8 months ago

In Tray Issues

We are currently experiencing issues with the In Tray   we have employees what are showing different numbers of documents in the in-tray at the same time - some can see 29, others can only see 20 ...
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    8 months ago

    Hi, DavidVine


    Thanks for your post.


    The main reason here is likely the way your computer is showing things on the screen. It's a bit like how adjusting the zoom on your camera changes what you see in a photo—in this case, the display settings are affecting the way your documents are shown.


    When you're on full screen, the computer might try to fit more documents on the screen by adjusting their size and layout. But when you're not on full screen, it could be showing fewer documents to keep everything readable and clear.


    To fix this, you might want to tinker with your computer's display settings. Check things like screen resolution or scaling options – these settings can influence how much fits on the screen at once.


    Please let us know if you require any further assistance with this.


    Best regards,