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4 months ago

Inventory EOFY values



Running reports for June 2023. Items register (detail), items register (summary), and Inventory value reconciliation all dated 30/6/23


looking at 1 product only, I have 3 separate SOH figures and 3 different values.

the items register detail report shows this 1 product over 3 lines and 3 separate vaules and SOH figures.


Can someone advise why this is so?


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  • Hi AliceMM 


    There is only one reason - because its MYOB! AR2024 has numerous bugs in the Inventory module. Its seems to handle the most basic things right, however when you use more than on location, some of the reporting is 'wrong'. Also when you edit/reverse/delete/credit inventory related invoices, the outcome is not always as it should be. 


    The Items Register Detail report tends to give you a different outcome depending on the period selected. Always use the beginning of the current FY. Also if you have 2 lines on an invoice for the same item, one selling 3 units the other 4 units, the Item Register detail report shows the same quantity for both lines.


    From my experience delving into these anomalies, the Inventory Value Reconciliation report is more reliable than all others and tends to match the detail on the Item Profile (on hand count and value). Most other reports are hit and miss when it comes to accuracy, and should be ignored.