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2 years ago

Inventory not recording properly



i have one invoice that I have entered in November, and some of the items have not inventory added, and some have different figures. I am not sure if this is the only supplier but it is the only one come to my attention.


I also have the problem of counts that is a ridiculous number and sometimes a letter as well.


Please can I have a solution to this to make my life easier.


Thank you


  • Hi Karla13


    I've had the script run over the file, can you please sign out and sign back into your file and check to see if the item has been fixed. 

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  • Hi Karla13


    Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community Forum ! So I can assist can you please provide a screenshot of the number you're referring to. 

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      I have attached a snip of one of the products on our system with an unusual count.


      My biggest issue is the inventory not being recorded correctly.

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        Hi Karla13


        The attachment doesn't seem to have attached, can you please try again.