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5 years ago

Invoice customisation

Hi,   I'm having endless trouble with my customised invoices. I now have to shut down MYOB after inputting invoices before I can print them. If I don't, they automatically print on the standard MYO...
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    5 years ago

    Hi RebekahIWS , to install 2019.2.1 you will need to uninstall the existing 2019.2.0 first, via Add Remove Programs. You can do this quite safely, your data file will not be affected.


    I suggest you do the following:

    - close AccountRight

    - uninstall 2019.2.0 via Add remove programs.

    - if you do not have the installer download it from and save it to your downloads folder. Make sure you pick the correct version of AccountRIght, ie 2019.2.1, and probably the PC edition.

    - Open the downloads folder, right-click on the installer, and choose Run as Administrator

    - Run AccountRight from the desktop icon.

    - Check that your program is opening in 2019.2.1 via Help, About...