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3 months ago

Invoice Register

Only Overdue invoices showing up on the register- doesn't matter if Open, Closed or All selected from the drop down list.

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    Hi mitch63,


    Thanks for your post.


    If you wish to view all the invoices regardless of their status, you may check the 'All Sales' tab from the Sales Register Information window. The All Sales window allows you to view the sales and also gives you the status of each transaction. You may refer to the screenshot below.



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      Hi Doreen,

      Yes, that works on a PC but I'm using a Mac

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        Hi mitch63,


        Thank you for your post. If you're using a browser version of your MYOB, you may find all invoices in your dashboard regardless of the invoice status by going to Sales> Invoices> Select ALL from the status tab. You may check the sample screenshot below to see how it will appear from there.



        This helpful article on viewing invoices will provide you with full, detailed information and instructions.


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