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9 months ago

Issues converting large quote to invoice.

We're having issues with trying to change a quote to invoice.  Each time I go to save it as an invoice I get a Connection error, saying "we're sorry but something has interrupted AccountRight and you...
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    9 months ago

    Hi RICKS2008 


    If it wont convert to an invoice and it large then prior to starting all again I would call up the quote and save as recurring.  


    Then go to enter sales, use recurring, select the quote you saved and just change the sales type to invoice, if you want to retain the original number of the quote, then replace the invoice number that automatically comes up to that of the quote and record.  You may get a warning that number used but just okay that.


    Then go to your sales register and delete the quote.


    This will hopefully save you time in having to re-enter all the data from the quote.