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3 years ago

MYOB V19 - Stock items that are not inventoried

Hi community,   Is there a way to count inventory on items that are not initially inventoried?   It seems our company had set over 900 items that don't appear in the count inventory tab. I canno...
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    3 years ago

    Hi Grandinfo 


    You cannot change the existing Items. You need to create new ones. This is the 'work around', say you have an item called 100B and you have existing transactions using this Item.


    • Create a new Item Test000 and set up this Item the way you want your Items to end up (I Buy, I Sell, I Inventory etc and set accounts for each)
    • Export all of your Items
    • Open 100B and on the profile tab change the Item Number to zz-100B (or similar) and make the Item Inactive
    • Repeat for all other Items
    • Edit the exported file and modify the existing items using Test000 as a guide
    • Save as tab delimited and import

    You will now have 900 Items with the correct Item Number and settings, as well as 900 Inactive original Items


    If you don't fancy manually changing 900 Items, there is a MYOB specialist who can do all this for you in bulk. Send me a private message if you want contact details.