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3 years ago

"Name on Card" field won't print in my customised invoice template

Hi. I've just started using the online MYOB and have discovered that the invoice template that I setup in the old system won't print the customer name.  I tried the field "Name on Card" but it still ...
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    3 years ago

    Hi Janine-CFW 

    The Name of Card field that can be added to a customise form would be populated with the name that is entered in the Name on Card field in the Payment Details window when a credit card style payment has been used. It will not populate from the AccountRight card you have for the customer.


    If you are wishing to have the customer's name showing my recommendation would be to add the Mailing Address field to the customise form. This will show you the customer name and the address used to "mail" the invoice to. The good thing is that you can resize that mailing address field to reduce the size so it only lists the first line i.e. the Customer name (drag the text box so it's reduced in size). By doing this it only produces the first line which would be the customer name on the customise form.


    To my knowledge, and I do welcome others in the Forum to comment if they know of a better way, there is no direct way to add in the AccountRight's card name to the invoice (minus the Mailing Address way).