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3 months ago

One Client - Multiple Services with Different Billing Address Requirements

We are an NDIS services provider. We have clients who have multiple billing address requirements.   Client Services: 1.  Support Services - sent to external plan manager 2.  SIL Services - sent t...
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    3 months ago

    Thanks Shella, 


    That is essentially what Earl was suggesting and does not solve the problem.


    With one person responsible for approximately 500 invoices per month, generally recurring invoices with changes in quantities of services delivered, we are looking for a solution that would enable us to select the email address at the invoice level.


    We would like to save the invoice details as recurring and then at the end of each day when invoices are generated, we can select all invoices to be emailed and click send, rather than having to individually update the email address for each invoice at the time it is sent.


    I don't think this is available in MYOB AR without using seperate cards. 


    Kind regards