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2 years ago

unable to access Print/Email Invoices list 'Unable to Connect' error message

Dear MYOB support 


We've been experiencing ongoing issues of being unable to access the print/email invoices function, Accountright error message displays 'Unable to Connect' (please see my previous posts regarding same issue).


We have been dealing with this same problem for MANY months, with great frustration.  While the print/email invoices list is not able to be accessed we've had no choice but to painstakingly email every single invoice individually = huge waste or our staff's time.


About a month or so ago though & to our immense relief & amazement, this function miraculously started working again....hallelujha!! ...& we were once again able to access the Print/Email Invoices list so we could 'select all' & bulk email all invoices for the day.  SO much quicker!   


However & incredibly frustratingly, as of TODAY the Print/Email Invoices function has stopped working again.  It happens regardless of which user login is used & from whichever of our offices we login from & over various internet providers - as has been the case previously.  All other functions continue working. 


Yesterday it was it is not, and we have not done anything differently. 


All past suggestions from MYOB support regarding this issue have not been able to fix it. 


Given that the function recently started working again, without us doing anything differenty, but has now stopped working again, can someone from MYOB please explain what is going on?  


It is incredibly frustrating to be battling this issue with what is such a basic & necessary function.


I look forward to a response. 

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    Hi Coral3


    Thanks for your post and Welcome here in the Community Forum. I'm really sorry to hear about the experience you've had. I understand how valuable your time is.


    Generally speaking, the error message 'Unable to Connect' shows when you click on 'Print/Email Invoices' in the Sales Command Centre if:

    • the File is Online
    • the version you are using is ARL 2019.4
    • lots of unprinted or unsent invoices sitting in the window.


    Could you test this in the Clearwater sample company file? This will give us an indication of whether its file specific.


    Please let me know if you need further help.


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      Hi, we are unable to print or email invoices. But we can print statments. Is there any issue with my system?