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4 months ago

Unsupported Feature Browser version

Are there workarounds or fixes for an annoying situation where a Quote created in AR desktop can not be converted to a sale in the browser version.


Surely such a conversion is a feature/function that is absolutely needed!

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  • Hi robcraw,


    Thank you for your post, and we appreciate your patience with the delay in our response.


    Sales created in AccountRight using the Timebilling and Miscellaneous layout cannot be edited or converted in the browser version. This is because the browser version only supports two layouts: services and item layouts. We understand the importance of this feature for your workflow and assure you that feedback like yours is valuable as it helps in the continuous improvement of our software. We recommend sharing your experience and suggestions on our Product Ideas board. This section is regularly monitored by our product development team, and they take user feedback into account when planning updates and enhancements.


    Please don't hesitate to reach out if you require any further assistance.




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      Princess, the issue I raised here relates to an Item quote! Nothing to do with timebilling or miscellaneous layouts!

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        Hi robcraw,


        Thank you for your response and patience with the delayed response.


        My apologies for not understanding your inquiry. I've replicated this matter in my end and can confirm that a quote generated from the AccountRight desktop version can indeed be converted to the browser version. If you're encountering any issues during this process, could you please share an error message or a screenshot? This will help us investigate further.


        Please feel free to reach out if you need further assistance.