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6 years ago

Uploading Supplier Invoices


Accountright plus - Can supplier invoices be uploaded to MYOB to the relevant purchase transaction?


  • Hi Sam_P 


    In Tray documents are uploaded to the purchase (bill) transaction that you record in AccountRight.


    For example, you get a supplier invoice in via a hard copy, you can attach a copy of the physical supplier invoice to your AccountRight transaction so you have a record of the original received document from the supplier.

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  • Hi Sam_P 

    When company files are uploaded to the cloud with AccountRight Live they can use the AccountRight In Tray. This will allow you to add documents and allowed them to be scanned for information to add the user in creating the relevant purchase transaction.

    Our Help Article: Working with In Tray Documents has more information on this feature.

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      Hi Steven,


      Thansk for your help.  To clarify, as I understand your response, it is not possible to upload an invoice to the actual purchase transaction in MYOB AccountRight Live as is possible in Xero.




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        Hi Sam_P 


        An invoice that is sent to yourself from a supplier is able to be uploaded to the AccountRight In Tray.