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2 years ago

AccountRight - Payroll connection error

Since I updated to the latest version of MYOB AccountRight last week, I keep having problems when I access Payroll. I receive "cannot connect" error message and have to restart MYOB.   All other mo...
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    2 years ago

    Hi Tjaltjraak1 


    Thank you for your post, I'd like to extend you a warm welcome to the Community Forum, I hope you find it a valuable resource.


    If you received an error message "Connection Error" or  "Cannot Connect".  There's a few things that can cause these errors including:


    • Internet connection
    • Scanning Software on your computer 
    • AccountRight service distinction

    You can follow these some simple trouble shooting steps that can resolve the issue:


    • You can Restart your AccountRight
    • Restart your mode/router
    • test your internet connection
    • temporarily disable scanning software

    If you still having problems kindly check this Help Articles:  Error: Connection Error, Speed and performance tips , Trouble shooting online files 


    We also recommend speaking to an IT person in relation to the impacts Flushing DNS. Here are the steps to help you with the process. 

    1. Close AccountRight.
    2. Click Start.
    3. Enter cmd in the Start menu search text box.
    4. Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.
    5. Run the following command: ipconfig /flush DNS

    If the command succeeds, the system returns the following message: Window IP configuration successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache. 


    If you have tried all the recommended trouble shooting steps and are still experiencing issues, please feel free to post again and we'll be happy to assist you. 


    If my response has answered your inquiry please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information.


    Best Regards,